Expedition to find rare pipefish in Queensland Australia

My research interests are centered on the evolutionary relationships among seahorse and pipefish (family Syngnathidae) through morphological study and DNA sequencing. This entails collecting and observing fish for study via scuba diving and photography in shallow inshore water in which the underwater habitat is typically characterized by silty and muddy sediment, sandy and rocky bottom, or dense seagrass […]

The Blue Marble Space Institute of Science (BMSIS) Internship Program

BMSIS is pioneering a new internship program model. Alongside cutting-edge scientific investigations, students are also exposed to training in Communication as well as Ethics. The modern scientist requires excellent communication skills. It is increasingly necessary for scientists to clearly communicate the value of their science to the public and to policy makers, to write compelling […]

Opah the first deep warm-blooded fish ever discovered

New research by NOAA Fisheries has revealed the opah, or moonfish, as the first fully warm-blooded fish that circulates heated blood throughout its body much like mammals and birds, giving it a competitive advantage in the cold ocean depths. The silvery fish, roughly the size of a large automobile tire, is known from oceans around […]