1992 First exoplanet to orbit a main sequence star is discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan. The first confirmed exoplanet is a ‘hot Jupiter’ which takes 4.2-day to go around its sun. 51Pegasi b. 2005 New Zealand’s Grant Christie and Jenny McCormick discover the second planet found by gravitational microlensing, an effect predicted by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The discovery is […]

Dr. Preeti Nema on Astrobiology, its applications and research significance on All India Radio

Are we alone? Is there life elsewhere in the Universe? Astrobiology attempts to answer such questions. To explain what Astrobiology is, and comment on its status as a research topic in India and India’s first interplanetary mission ‘Mangalyan’, or the Mars Orbiter Mission, Dr. Preeti Nema was invited to the All India Radio Science Magazine program. Dr. Preeti […]

Celebrating Success: Happy One-Year of Anniversary NZAI!!

    The New Zealand Astrobiology Initiative (NZAI) of the Royal Astronomical Society, New Zealand (RASNZ), is dedicated to encouraging, assisting, and promoting astrobiology research, education and outreach in New Zealand. The lead of the group, Haritina Mogosanu is an astrobiologist (life sciences) who is also trained in public relations, international security and outreach. She loves […]