Shoelaces are Tripping Up Physicists

It’s a beautiful morning, the birds are singing, the sun is peaking above the horizon, and you are enjoying your morning jog. Nothing can dispirit this event except the sudden betrayal of your shoes as they spontaneously untie themselves. This occurrence is common to anyone who has worn laced shoes. Usually, this is a minor […]

Word of the Day: Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)

Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) RNA is similar to DNA. If DNA were a zipper, then RNA is only one side of the zipper. Both DNA and RNA are long molecules made up of smaller molecules – a sugar, a phosphate, and a nitrogenous base. RNA’s purpose is to act as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA for […]

Word of the Day – Protein

Protein A protein is a very complex, large molecule that is a chain of smaller molecules called amino acids. Proteins are made according to instructions from DNA. They make up the bodies of every living thing on Earth and are also important players in chemical reactions. When a protein facilitates a chemical reaction, it is called […]

Word of the Day – Quasar

Quasar The name comes from “quasi-stellar radio sources” and was shortened to quasar, before astronomers knew what they were They are massive objects far away in space that emit massive amounts of energy. They are thought to have black holes at their center. They may also be the beginnings of new galaxies.

Forests Recover Well When Humans Get Out of the Way

It goes without saying that forests are important. As the lung of our planet, they strongly contribute to converting carbon dioxide that we exhale into oxygen for us to breath. Since the dawn of civilization, forests have been under threat. Forests are harvested for wood and many other resources and cleared to make room for […]

Why Trains Don’t Fall Off the Track When Turning

Trains have been the fundamental backbone of transportation and shipping for a few hundred years. Despite the ubiquity of trains, the details of their workings are a bit of a mystery. Trains have come about as more of a feat of engineering than one of science. Thus, the detailed scientific theory of trains has remained […]

Chimpanzees Can Tell When You Believe Something False

Our understanding of animal cognition has grown dramatically since the days of Jane Goodall in the 1960s. Great apes, a family of primates which includes chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans, are often the subject of psychological research. The present study explored an important aspect of social intelligence in these great apes — the ability to tell […]