Have We Finally Found Dark Matter, or Merely Pulsars?

There is overwhelming evidence to support the existence of dark matter, but its existence is still a mystery to physicists. A method called Indirect detection remains one of our best hopes for experimentally detecting particles of the elusive Dark Matter (DM). The idea behind indirect detection is that dark matter particles could be annihilating with […]

Pollution from Traffic Can Cause DNA Damage in Children

Cars are everywhere. They are essential for our day to day lives, but these vehicles are a double-edged-sword. Cars emit exhaust gases, and those gases contain hydrocarbons. These molecules, as their name suggests, contain both carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrocarbons from cars result from gas that has not been completely burned in the engine, where […]

What Makes a Universe Habitable?

One of the fundamental questions of cosmology is the nature of life’s origins. Why are we here? A method for attempting to answer that question is to analyze the possible physical parameters that define our universe with the intention of understanding which parameters make the evolution of life possible. In other words, what about our […]

Can Microbes Compute?

Researchers from the Unconventional Computing Center (I did not make that up) in the UK have figured out, at least theoretically, how to use microbes as computers. Mind you, there won’t be a biological computer sitting on your desk any time soon, but the prospect of finding new computational methods that don’t use the conventional […]

Was it Inevitable that Humans Developed Math?

Have you ever thought about why is it possible to understand the universe and why are we even here to understand it? Sarah Imari Walker thinks about this question in her philosophical essay entitled “The Descent of Math.” We can make sense of the world via descriptive tools such as mathematics and we can learn […]