Lasers and Fool’s Gold Give a Glimpse Into Our Ocean’s Past

by Daniel GregoryUniversity of California, Riverside, CA, USA The Earth has undergone profound changes in the chemistry of its oceans and atmosphere from the time before life began to the present day. This has resulted in a wide variety of different ocean and atmospheric compositions, including variations in oxygen composition, over the last 3 billion […]

Do Nice Apes Finish Last? It’s Complicated.

Bonobo apes are among our closest genetic relatives. Like humans, they are very social and are known to cooperate to find food. However, new research published in the journal Cell describes a key way our species differ: unlike humans, bonobos may prefer individuals who don’t cooperate. Researchers from Duke University came to that conclusion while […]

Turn Genes on With the Flip of a Switch!

The 1997 US film Men In Black followed two secret agents who protected humans from extraterrestrial aliens, and aliens from humans. They had access to several (fictional) gadgets — the most notable of which was the “neuralizer.” The neuralizer allowed an agent to flash a light into the victim’s eyes, which deleted their memory and […]

Salmonella Killed Aztecs in 16th Century Oaxaca, Mexico

The first contact between the Aztecs of Mesoamerica and Spanish Conquistadors is well documented as bloody and disastrous for the Aztecs. However, it was the period of time just after first contact that was much deadlier for the native people, as diseases tore through these communities. These diseases were strong enough to wipe out up […]

Smart Farms Should Clean Their Greens

Microgreens are a specialty crop that is growing in popularity. It is most often served as a garnish, flavoring, or embellishment on dishes at upscale and gourmet restaurants. Microgreens are primarily grown by small climate controlled operations run by just a few people. Since these crops are new and not grown on an industrial scale […]

Cheese, Wine, and …. Fungi?

From mushrooms, cheese, and bread to beer, wine, and sake, fungi play an important role in the foods we eat, whether we know it or not. These incredible organisms and their products can be great food sources that are packed with protein. Most people are already familiar with mushroom species with fruiting bodies such as […]