Using The Big Bang As A Ruler

Baryon acoustic oscillations, an artifact remaining from the Big Bang, can be used by scientists to measure cosmological distances regardless of how the distances are changing. Soon after the Big Bang, the beginning of our universe, all of the matter of the universe was packed densely into a much smaller space. The result was a […]

Farmed Fish Need More Exercise to Out-Swim Wild Fish

Many people believe that farmed fish wouldn’t do very well in the wild, but do direct experiments comparing farm-raised to wild fish support this belief? In a collaborative study, researchers from the Southwest Fisheries Science Center and the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute pitted wild and captive reared fish against each other to determine which group could swim […]

Science Makes it Harder for Criminals to Cover Their Tracks

We’re all familiar with “heat signatures” and “infrared images” thanks to the numerous cop shows on television. You’d be surprised to know, though, that in the real (not reel) world, images from a thermal camera are not accepted as evidence in a court of law, because they simply aren’t considered scientifically sound evidence. Scientists from […]

Molecules That Make Lab-Grown Human Cells Younger

Aging is a  natural and inevitable biological process – one that happens to all living organisms on our planet. While most scientists would agree that aging is indeed natural, does it really have to be inevitable? After all, even within the animal kingdom, scientists already know of an exception to this rule: Turritopsis dohrnii, a […]

Pregnant HIV-Positive Women In East Africa Sometimes Quit Treatment

Once someone is diagnosed with HIV, it is important for them to get on HIV treatment as soon as possible. One especially important group is pregnant women. Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV is an imperative step to halting the HIV epidemic, so the World Health Organization in 2013 put forth the recommendation that all HIV-infected […]