The Sum is More Than the Parts: Effects of HIV and Alcoholism or Hepatitis C on the Brain

As the medications for HIV have gotten more effective, people are living longer with HIV. However, as people living with HIV get older, they are more likely to also develop different problems or diseases, two of which include the viral infection Hepatitis C and Alcohol Use Disorder (alcoholism).  The interaction between these two different diseases […]

Are Pink Salmon the Key to Better Fish Farming?

In the aquaculture industry, one of the most important and most costly parts of raising fish, especially carnivorous fish, is providing them with the ideal feed for growth and health. Fish meal, which is essentially ground up smaller fish, is the perfect protein source for fish growth because it contains sufficient amounts of all the […]

Washing Lettuce Might Not Remove All The Germs

One of the first steps of any recipe is to wash your produce. In today’s global food system, fruits and vegetables make a lot of stops before reaching your plate, so you can never be too careful. In fact, contamination of produce by bacteria like Salmonella is a major public health concern. But, that’s not […]