Risk Factors for Heavy Metal Exposure in Children

by Nicole JacobsBlue Marble Space Institute of Science Young Scientist Program Before a baby is born in Taiwan, both the development of its brain and its intellectual performance are already at risk. A 2014 study of 545 pairs of both mothers and infants living in North Taiwan has shown that harmful chemicals and metals can […]

New understanding of an ancient man and his tools

During the last days of the summer of 1991, tourists hiking in the Ötztal Alps near the Italy – Austria border found the remains of an incredibly well-preserved man. This man, dubbed Ötzi, was dated back to the “Copper Age”: an informal name given to the transitional period between stone and iron working, or approximately […]

Ivy can protect buildings from frost

The UK and Ireland were visited by the Beast from the East in 2018 – freezing Arctic winds that dumped inches of snow and brought down temperatures to nearly fatal levels. Such temperatures are catastrophic for buildings as well, which experience severe mechanical damage due to frost. However, a new study by scientists from the […]

What happens if we send signals into space?

By Margareth Cheng-CampbellBlue Marble Space Institute of Science, Young Scientist Program For over a hundred years, humans on Earth have been using radio transmissions to communicate with each other. This ability to communicate around the globe has brought people closer together. However, by their very nature, these radio transmissions, such as what leaks from television, […]

How Humans Can Influence Evolution of Other Species

by Matthew D’Ambrosio Guest Contributor In biology, evolution is how populations change over time from their common ancestor. This process has been happening on Earth since life first began, over 3.5 billion years ago. Evolution, however; is not driven by one factor, but many, from climate conditions to predator/prey relationships. And even now, 3.5 billion years since […]

Are Microaggressions Based on Good Science?

If you’ve been on the internet in the last five years, you may have come across the word “microaggression.” A microaggression is defined as an unintentional rude statement toward people in historically stigmatized groups, such as women, non-whites, immigrants, or the disabled, revealing underlying prejudice. The discussion of microaggressions began in the 1970s among academics […]