Viruses May Eventually Be Used to Deliver Gene Therapy

New approaches for preventing and treating illnesses are on the rise, including the use of gene therapy through vaccines. With this technique, healthy copies of genes can be introduced to the body to reverse the bad effects of genes working incorrectly. This form of treatment would be especially helpful for genetic disorders, whose problems are […]

Music Makes Our Body Move Unawares

Be it tapping our feet, nodding, or simply swaying, music makes us move! However, did you know that the body moves to music even when we’re not aware of it? These small movements are referred to as “micromotion”, and have captured the attention of scientists at the RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time […]

First Clinical Trial of Stem Cell Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

A landmark clinical trial was announced recently by researchers at Kyoto University. For the first time in history, this trial tests the use of stem cells for the treatment of a major degenerative brain disease: Parkinson’s disease. The significance of a trial like this should not be understated, as the therapeutic potential of stem cells […]

Detecting Toxins Produced by Algae

Harmful algal blooms are becoming an increasing problem in areas around the world, including the Great Lakes, where drinking water is obtained from surface water sources, such as lakes and rivers. When agricultural nutrients and urban waste runoff enters these bodies of water, microbes such as cyanobacteria can consume these nutrients and quickly increase in […]

Babies Learn About Eye Contact Early in Life

As infants, we absorb any information our surroundings have to offer, especially if other humans are involved. Infants can recognize their native language, the faces of their own species, and even the faces of their own race. It’s all part of how our brains learn to adapt to their individual environments. With this consistent information, […]