Scientists design an office chair that cancels noise

Open office designs have been hailed for their economic benefits and helping people work together. On the other hand, a survey by a research firm showed that workers in an open office can lose up to 86 minutes of productivity per day due to distractions, like the constant humming of machinery or computers. In this scenario, […]

How Salmonella bacteria may get into the brain

Typhoid fever is an infection caused by a bacteria called Salmonella enterica typhi which, according to the CDC, affects about 22 million people every year. Many of those affected by the disease come from developing countries where there is poor sanitation and a lack of access to clean water. Symptoms of typhoid fever include headaches, […]

Eye exams can help diagnose syphilis and HIV

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection, which if it not treated properly, can lead to complications and symptoms involving the eye, including inflammation, redness, and even vision loss. These complications are referred to as ocular syphilis. There have been a few studies showing that people living with HIV develop this complication of syphilis faster than […]

What if the entire planet had it’s own flag?

By Eric Moyer and Gina RiggioBlue Marble Space Young Scientist Program Since humanity’s first journey off the ground, advances in space exploration and aviation have been a fierce competition among nations on the international stage. Sanjoy Som writes in his article “An international symbol for the sustained exploration of space” published in the journal Space […]

A crater on Mars may be a future landing site

Here on Earth, scientists study layers of sediment like dirt and sand to better understand how rocks form. The same contextual clues geologists use to explain how sedimentary rocks form on Earth can also be applied to extraterrestrial planets. Recent studies of Mars, for example, have looked at photos of sedimentary rocks to determine how […]

What Do Bats and the Ebola Virus Have in Common?

Genes are the blueprints of organisms. Your hair color, height, voice, and many other traits, all are determined by the genes. You inherited half of these genes from your mother and half from your father when you were conceived. However, every once in a while some genes that aren’t part of your family tree will […]