A Microbe Fossil Hunt

We’ve all heard of hunting for fossils to learn about the Earth’s past, but what if you wanted to learn about the microbes that lived thousands if not millions of years ago? It’s a little bit more of a complicated process made harder by the fact that microbes are so small and relatively fragile. The […]

Does maternity leave play a role in infant psychology?

An infant’s experiences in their first year of life is known to affect their personalities and well-being in later years. Ideally, parents should get the chance to bond with their child, learn about their needs, and give them stable support during this time. In turn, these kinds of connections lead to positive developments in the […]

When it comes to buying seafood, there are five kinds of people. Which one are you?

When faced with a supermarket of shelves and glass cases bursting with choices, how do you decide which fish to bring home for dinner? Companies choose what to include on their packaging based on their understanding of what’s important to consumers.  Nowadays, people place more importance on the ethics of food, so tracking consumer choices […]

Does grape age impact the smell of your wine?

Sometimes, all it takes is a whiff of a wine to know whether you’ll like the taste. Each wine is unique: red wines smell distinct from white wines and sweet wines smell different than dry wines. These differences arise from a variety of factors, such as climate, soil type, genus and species of grape used, […]