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In the Marvel Universe, Bruce Banner exposed his body to high doses of gamma radiation during an experiment in his lab. The gamma radiation deformed Bruce’s DNA, so whenever he became angry, he could turn into the Hulk. In the real world, gamma radiation is a type of high energy radiation that is extremely dangerous to humans. This type of radiation occurs naturally in certain elements, such as Radium-226, Uranium-236, or Thorium-229. Because of this radiation, these elements are too dangerous and unstable to be used in everyday applications. Some radioactive elements can also be synthesized in nuclear reactors, like Cobalt-60. These types of gamma radiation do interact with our DNA, but rather than transforming into our own version of the Hulk, our DNA is mutated or destroyed. In cases of extreme exposure, this could lead to illnesses such as cancer or death. While humans are extremely susceptible to the…

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