NASA Spaceward Bound

BMSIS is partnering with Indian scientists, universities, and research organizations in an effort to inspire further interest in astrobiology in India. This page will be updated with news of previous and upcoming events and opportunities in India.

Spaceward Bound India 2016 – NASA Spaceward Bound, a NASA Ames initiative is an opportunity for astrogeologists and astrobiologists to work with students in remote, off Earth analogous environments to conduct field experiments and engage in scientific discussions with participating students and science educators. As a first, scientists from NASA’s astrobiology community teamed up with their counterparts in Australia and India to visit Ladakh, India in August 2016 to conduct experiments in a range of research areas. Ladakh is a cold, high altitude (3000-6000m asl) desert environment that offers permafrost regions, saline and palaeolakes, hot springs that have shown to harbor microbial communities. It is also a young and active geological region that exhibits topological processes which hold clues about Martian terrain history. Visit the Spaceward Bound India 2016 page to learn about the results of this expedition.