Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment on Soil Fertility

Soil is unpredictable blends of minerals, water, air, natural matter, and endless living beings that are the rotting stays of once-living things. It serve as media for development of a wide range of plants. It serves as designing media for development of establishments, roadbeds, dams and structures, and safeguard or obliterate antiquities of human tries. It is vital for both cultivators and agronomists, as it assumes a key part of the basic leadership process for optimizing nitrogen manure measurements. There are numerous issues to discover microbial populace in soil. Human can tackle the energy from environment or universe and can transmit into any living or nonliving object around the earth. To Find out the effects of different elements, for example, microbial bioburden, mineral substance and natural carbon on soil richness the present work was embraced to assess the impact of biofield energy treatment on soil.
After experiment it is concluded that the biofield energy treated soil demonstrated better qualities as for conductivity, microbial bioburden, and minerals when contrasted with the control. Additionally, the quality and richness parameters were likewise enhanced in the treated sample. Hence it can be assumed that biofield treatment could be used as a substitute methodology alongside other existing way to enhance the efficiency of products by expanding the segment of soil fertility in the field of agriculture.

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